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Default Re: Is this good water cooling for DangerDen

CPU style-AMD 64
Cpu water block- Danger den tdx
Top style-Brass top TDX
Fitting style-1/2 OD fittings for 1/2 OD tubing
Radiator-Black ice extreme2-blue
Peilter/TEC-226 peilter 50mmx50mm+ pre-cut neoprene tubing
Pumps-Danger den DDC-12V adapted to 1/2 OD fittings
Tubing-10ft of UV green
Reservior-Dual 5 1/4 bay UV green reservior
Thermal paste-Artic Silver 5
Water additives-4Oz Zerex super coolant and green dye light
Hold down style- Socket hold down tabs
Danger den fillport-Blue adoized fillport.

That comes out to 368.85. I am going to get the 3500+ and i want to be able to OC the hell out of it. I am also going to the the fatality board which is supreme OC obilites along with OCz memory. My case in going to be the thermaltake xsaver? 3. How cool do you think it will keep my cpu? Can i add a gfx water block to it? Is that everything i need? Do you think i could manage to install it? What exactly does that peilter/TEC do? Thanks for you help!
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