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Default Where and How to learn Java and/or C++.

[COLOR=black]So if you want to learn or find out where to learn the Java and/or C++ programming languages you should find everything you need here.

Firstly I suggest for a serious student-type programmer investing in books on the subject and relevant language to you. There are a lot of people who recommend a lot of different things, having not read many I couldn't say which the best was, but I suggest the "Sam's teach yourself language_of_choice in 21 days" series as an excellent easy-to-follow guide to any language. With that said, lets get down to business.

The majority of people not wishing to (at least not straight away) shell out $/ 30-40 (or your relevant currency) on a detailed book on one language will want to find some good online tutorials to get the feel of it first.
For C++ I strongly recommend the official tutorial located at as it covers virtually every aspect of the language in good detail too. Also a strong benefit of this tutorial is that no prior programming experience is required.
For Java, things are a little less obvious. The A cup of Java tutorial on Sun's website is good for some aspects but lacks detail in others.
A list of the most common online Java tutorials can be found here and out of those I would recommend Dick Baldwins tutorial as it covers every aspect of the language, in 3 seperate main areas (introductory, intermediate, and advanced) with many lessons and chapters in each providing a full description of the language and is easy to follow and understand. (Incidentally, this website also covers other languages such as C#, Python and XML)
Once you've found the tutorial you want you'll need to know where to actually write the code examples you are shown. For this you need a compiler.
A compiler is a program (sometimes referred to as a development environment or IDE) that coverts the code of a specific language into commands that the computer can understand and execute. How this works you don't need to know, and I dont know either so don't ask .
If you do decide to buy a book they do sometimes come with compilers on cd's but these are often out of date anyway so I still advise using a compiler available online for download.
The Java compiler I use Netbeans which is the most common and is covered in the majority of tutorials so I suggest you also use this one although if you know of or wish to use another then by all means do so. This java package contains everything you'll need to get started (you do not need the JRE [Java runtime environment] but only the latest version of the JDK [Java development kit] ) which is what is provided here.
The C++ compiler I use isn't a hugely common one, but it is one of the few that are available freely for download and are updated with useful features, and it is called Dev C++.
Thats the kit you need for Java and C++, be sure to bring your brain, and you're away. Enjoy your programming experience!

P.S any problems using either of the environments feel free to pm/email me and I shall do my best to help.
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