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Default Re: CAN

Originally Posted by AMD ZEN
Your a funny guy!! It would be my pleasure. My 3500+ SLAUGHTERS the P4 3.46GHz EE in 97% of all tests, and I do have benchmarks!

So Shove these down you throat and swallow!

AquaMark3= 84,450
3DMark03= 20,433!!!!!

Go cry in your corner now Intel junkie, the ZEN beats your pitifully weak Intel ANYDAY with ease. I spit on Intel. You can OC to 4.5GHz, I will still beat you.. MUHAHAH!
You need a leather shoe.. and some shoe polish.. and then you can kick his rear end.

My AMD 64 3000 (754 chipset) beats the closest P4 3.2GHz with HT in 70-80% of tests from benchmarks I have seen...

Intel junkies just don't have a clue..
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