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Default Re: Non-Contributers

Itís pretty easy to get 5,000 posts if you post in every thread after someone else posts saying two words for example "and funnyness!!" Or a smiley face icon. Just ask athlon64fx... she knows all about it. The spam to helpful post ratio is just pretty pathetic here. Not to discredit the admins / founders but they should know when enough is enough and the mods favoritism doesn't help at all. Itís like having an email address, and signing up and giving it out to everyone and everything without any ignore, spam filter, or anything. Just gets to be a hassle. Iím saddened to have to migrate from this community but Iím looking for a more productive / helpful forum. It was nice while it lasted. Please don't see this as an opportunity to flame me since Iíve singled someone out. You guys want feed back right? Well this is what I think. Itís just my opinion, I could be wrong.
Windows: A thirty-two bit extension and GUI shell to a sixteen bit patch to an eight bit operating system originally coded for a four bit microprocessor and sold by a two-bit company that can't stand one bit of competition.
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