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>>Those people have power, because they do something for the person

Yet they were small group of people who could have easily been replaced. I didn't go on further with the history lesson but the reason he had to get foreigners in to do the work was because the original group, threatened and fought with any other local people who attempted to do the work.

>>Linux does nothing for gaming.

As i already stated, the vast majority of games servers run on Linux.

>>. Plus - not enough people use Linux and play games

A community website dedicated to gaming on Linux

An entire commercial company whose only product is software which allows u to play direct x based games on Linux.

Theres obviously some market or these people wouldn't make money.

>>Haha, Gaming Servers... that's a general server problem and these people would do it still, they would not go on a Boycott anyway.

What is a general server problem ?

Why wouldn't they go on a boycott ? They have kept the online gaming backbone going for years without any positive feedback from certain companies.

Look at valve software, there wouldn't release a Linux client version of Steam but they sure as hell released a Linux Server version so Linux servers could host the games.

Up to 80% of Counter-strike servers run on Linux,

>>aha, how many people have heard about John Carmack?

Your absolutely right, how silly of me to think that anyone with any involvement with games would know who John Carmack was.

For anyone whos reading this and doesn't know who John Carmack is i apologise.

For anyone who does know who he is, John's company whose name i won't state as obviously no one would have heard of it before, have always produced all of their game engines under *nix and then ported the said engine over to windows. The exception came with their latest game.

Lord Kalthorn, do u think you have the right to talk about Games when you don't know who John Carmack is ?
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