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Question XP partitioning - your opinions

Okay - I've never bothered to partition my HD before but since my machine fell over recently I decided to look into it.

After some research I decided to go for a 5gb C: for the XP pro OS, a 8gb D:for all my program files, a 3gb E: purely for the paging file (all primary partitions so far) and then the remainder 24bg on a G: logical drive within an extended partition for data/storage files.

(most of this gathered from

Later I'll move the PF to a separate hard drive (I dont have this luxury at the moment). I have 512Mb DDR RAM with a P4 and I do "max out" a bit with the current single partition set-up when I'm running Photoshop & Illustrator (plus some other memory hungry programs).

What do you people reckon - is this a reasonably practical way to slice my HD? Am I maybe getting a bit too fancy here...? How would you guys slice a single disk for optimal performance?
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