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Smile Hey thanx alot you ppl for helping me out

Hey everyone i just wanna thank you all so much for your advice and everything you have done to help me through my problem and stuff that i have with my bf and i just wanna give you guys all my luck for when someone else maybe comes along and asks for advice to the similar type of thing!! i know some ppl have flamed me and im sorry for what iv done so they can flame me but like other ppl said im a gurl and i needed help with this type of thing and its a social lounge so u can basically talk about anything in here!!! And i dont understand why some of you dont like us people using colour id the text didnt have colour in it where you write something then it will be fine but it does have something for colour so other ppl who want to use colour can if they want to ok!! anway thank you guys so much i really aprecaite alot thanx so much!!!!! if anybody ever needs help with anything please come to me straight away ok and il see wat i can do ok Thank you so much everybody
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Real name is Michelle
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if you ever wanna chat with me about something or you want some help just give me a shout ok
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