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Thread: games lagging
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Default games lagging

Hey all, just something which has been bothering me a bit over the past few weeks -

Whenever I'm playing a game, it would run smoothly for a few seconds, and then video lags pretty badly for a few more seconds, and then go back to being normal again and so on. Sound and everything else seems fine. This happens on every game I've tried - Age of Kings, Warcraft3, FIFA etc, and even DX-Ball (a clone of the old classic 'breakout'). I'm guessing that this might also happen when I'm running office apps or internet, just that it's only noticible when playing games.

Dell Inspiron 5150 notebook
3Ghz Pentium 4
NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 32 MB
Windows XP SP2

I've tried getting the latest drivers, virus and spyware scanned, but to no avail. Could it be a problem with the hardware? Sound familiar to anyone? Any help greatly appreciated, cheers.
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