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Default Re: introduction and question

hehehe, anyone see that weird ad thing about clinton n the dude in the museam with the voodoo doll on the spike??? they showed it once on TV over here, damned funny. some guy walking round a museam n sees this voodoo doll n touches it n it falls over then it switches to clinton getting up n making a speech, then u see the guy again n hes picked it up n lifts an arm n mid speech clintons arm lifts n then falls (all fake, but awefully good all the same) n he does all these things then the guy gets bored examining the doll n shoves it back on the spike it was on before he knocked it over but stabs the spike thru the groin n u hear a blood curdling scream n the add ends advertising something i think, maybe it was just a funny sketch though, all the same i was laughing hard!

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