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Thread: Ping of Death
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Default Re: Ping of Death

Originally Posted by Jordie
No. I think you get the wrong idea about what a denial of service attack is. A denial of service attack is when you send so many request to a computer it gets overloaded and crashes or something to that effect. If it dosen't crash it may make the computer you are attacking go slower then usual. You need to know that doing this kind of attack, even if it is with ping, is illegal in the United States and other countries in the world. I don't recommend you doing this. If you want to do something to get back at them then do a whois on the domain, find out who is hosting them or who their isp is and report them for spam. That is the most effective method.
I hear you. only problem is they change their numbers I cannot ever find them correctly through whois when I send emails to the admin I still get spam. I send them 6,000 emails a night I NEVER GET SPAMMED BACK.
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