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Default Re: Man What An Honor

Originally Posted by rakedog
General Zhukhov was a great leader, without him the russian military would have been screwed! What are you talking about.

Oh and who do you think he killed during his regime before the war. He killed all those who even mildly outspoke against him. Yes it is very evil and idiotic, but he used this method to make sure no second civil war would erupt after the bloody one between the red and white army. Trust me, russia was on the brink of a second revolution, because people were starving, underpayed, and pretty much screwed. If stalin let them speak their opinions, they would start a new revolution.

Note; I AM Not SAYING THAT WHAT STALIN DID WAS RIGHT, I'm simply saying that if russia went into revolution again, the eastern front would be crushed in the first few weeks of ww2.
Stalin killed those who he thought were against him. In the end many were murdered even though they weren't against him. He wiped out much of his officer corps. Zhukhov was nothing more then wreckless. He was a terrible strategist. Stalin didn't let people speak their minds, but he didn't have to wipe out his entire officer corps that wasn't even speaking out against him. He just thought they were. Even the Germans spread false information in Russia to convince Stalin his officers were speaking out against him before the breaking of the Stalin-Hitler pact.

And with or without the Russian revolution, the Russians were tough fighters. The eastern front wouldn't of collapsed.

Why? Because by the time the invading force reaches Moscow they are freezing to death and are out of supplies. Look at what happened to Napoleon. Everybody knows invading Russia head on is not a good idea. No matter their military state.
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