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In San Andreas a lot of the shirts have the Rockstar logo on them. So they continue the trend.

Also NVIDIA a lot of companies do care a whole lot about media backlash. When you talk about how popular GTA III was you are coming from a gamers standpoint. You are not coming from the religious right standpoint which is one of the groups that hevily spoke out against this game and many others. And believe me their voice is a lot louder then the hardcore gamers voice. If they speak out against something (say Puma as you used in your post) then Puma is going to have a huge fight on their hands. The payoff will not be that huge. The small amount of money they would use to advertise in a GTA game and the return they saw from it would be very small compared to all of the bad tv they received from say CNN and the Fox News channel. They would be better off just advertising in something a little less controversial like a tv ad or magazine ad.
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