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Default Re: Respectful Debate

Originally Posted by root
As far as I am aware, encyclopedas, news sites encatas and report are all credible sorts of evidence, anaolgies are a widely accepted way of putting a ponit accross in a new light after yourapponent has failed to understand what you are talking about.
I posted a variety of evidence to support my opinion. Several credible sites and credible information. You have failed to back yourself up and in fact you don't know anything of use. You are not really relevant to any debate because of your lack of knowledge.

Your nothing more than a little redneck pissat on the face of this earth and the sooner a suicide bomber blows the shit out of you and your inbred redneck family the better.
I happen to be from Europe, you piece of crap. You stupid moronic crap. I am from Spain. I was born in Madrid. You better watch who you talk to you idiotic little brat. You are an insulting condescending moron. You think you know what you are talking about but it happens to be you don't have a clue. I hope you jump off a cliff.

I lost all respect for you Giancarlo, you are the most pathetically argumentative person around here (I use the phrase pathetic to illustrate your black and white, right and wrong, point recycling unbudging style of debate) and argumentative to describe your debates, you don't debate you state then argue black and blue.
You are the one with problems. You don't know how to present an argument properly and effectively. You have serious problems.

your a twat, there is nothing more to be said on the subject as far as I am concerned.
You're the twat.
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