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Thread: Removing XP
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Default Re: Removing XP

Hmmm....Well since there is no way to return to ME I will reveal some of the reasons that I want to remove XP and you guys might know how to fix them
1. The fact that it doesn't recognise my CD drives..(Explained in previous Post.

2. I ALWAYS get this message>>> "You (or a program) have requested information from Which connection do you want to use." Then it lists my only internet connection Internet ADSL. It says "connect" or "cancel". I always click cancel but it will keep comiong back. There is an option to disable this message until next time you log on, and it works. But next time I log on it says it again obviously. This message only copmes up when I am connected to the Internet...When I am not, My internet goes a LOT slower. I have ran Ad-aware and Spybot S&D..They both detected about 12 problems...One was "Alexa Related" and one was a "Porn Dialer". I reomved them both but the messgae kept coming up. I have tryed doing this in Safe Mode also. This has only happened since I upgraded to XP.

3. When I click on a game (Soldier Of Fortune 2 Multiplayer) The console loads and then I get an error message about openGL...I'm pretty sure this is a driver problem...

4. Norton Anti-Virus 2003 Proffesional Edition didn't seem to be on my system after I upgraded so I re-installed it. Now when I click on it, Nothing Happens. BTW, Anyone have a link to a Free, Simple to use Online Virus Scanner?

I will send my hardware report, when I installed XP..Doen there
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