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Question Upgrading My Computer

I'm currently considering purchasing the following cpu/mobo combo:

Would you consider this combination to be better than the following one?: "ASUS P4P800S"

and "P4 Processor"
__________________________________________________ _

Another question, what is the difference between 400 FSB and 800 FSB, is it significant?

Thats the only relative difference between the 2 cpus. That and about 400 mhz of frequency speed.

I alread have 384 mb DDRAM in my computer now so that is something I wouldn't need to purchase. I also have a video card so that isn't a worry.

The OS problem, is however, my biggest concern. I've been told that with reinstalltion of a new mobo and cpu a reinstallation of my OS is required. I'm researching every possibility. I've come accross something known as "overwrite the OS". Basically I would use the Windows 98SE disc to directly overwrite the OS on my computer. This would enable the needed settings to accomodate your new microprocessor but your specific settings remain constant. For example, things like user-profiles, IE favorites, and Desktop icons would be unaffected. Is this true? Any other alternatives?

I really can't afford things to be greatly changed. My business life is very dependent on the way my computer is setup. Making changes such as formatting, or complete replacement of the OS is just not an option.

Thank you for your helpful suggestions
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