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Default Re: So come on, plain and simple...

Originally Posted by gibant1
For that kind of money I'd get a gainward 5900XT golden sample. Guarantee'd to overclock. You get the same speed as 9800pro (near as damn it). and it is reliable.

Either that or save a little longer, looks like Doom3 is going to need a lot of poke.

6800 might be twice the price, but twice the performance.

why would you get a 5900xt???
i jus said u could turn the 9800 pro into a xt.
and like everybody says on this forum, speed doesn't realli matter that much.

and 6800 is not twice the price. you can look around right now and find a regular (non ultra non GT) 6800 for only 280 USD. that's a pretty sweet deal. but the prices are gonna drop again, so i'd wait until the games are released.

and how a 6800 overclocks?? I dont' understand what your asking. Are you asking how to overclock the sucker? Or how well it overclocks. sorry, but can u be a little bit more specific? thx.
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