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Default Is my cpu fried?

I hope it isn't too horrible of me to ask for help with my second post but i'm in dire need of any advice.

One night my computer shut off all of the sudden. I thought maybe it had overheated so I opened the case to check if my fan had stopped. Upon turning the comp back on i heard a loud pop and saw arcing in the power supply. So i bought a new power supply hooked it up and nothing would happen. I figured out that i fried my mobo so I got a new one and installed that. Then my video card sparked when i turned on the comp and it immediatly shut down. So i figured that I fried my video card as well. Also apparently the video card shorting out shorted out the mobo that I had bought. Today, i bought a new video card (ati radeon 9600xt) traded in my mobo and got an Albatron kx600 pro. I installed everything and now when I turn it on nothing shorts out (thank god) but i also get no beeps or picture. The hdd starts, the fans all start, the cd drive starts but the system seems to hang. I tried reseating the cpu, made sure everything was hooked up right and snug but nothing changed. I was wondering if it could be that when my mobo shorted out my cpu also went along with my video card. Oh one last thing, I checked my ram in another computer and it reads just fine so the ram is ok. If anyone has any suggestions i would be most appreciative.

System setup in case anybody needs it

mobo: albatron kx600 pro
cpu: amd athalon xp 1700+
ram: 1 gig generic ram from fry's electronics (shrug all i could afford)
video card: ati radeon 9600xt
hdd: Ibm 40gb 7200rpm
cd: creative labs 8x4x32 cd-rw (hold your laughter to a minimum on this one please )
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