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OK...try to stay with me. I have posted something like this about FarCry not too long ago.

Today's graphic engines are incredible. The CryEngine is probably the most impressive to date. But there are others. Hitman Contracts uses an engine similar to the Splinter Cell – Pandora’s Box engine. A graphic card to power this game at full power requires a top of the line computer to help. A graphic card alone can not do the amount of processing required to display screen.

I have a Radeon 9800Pro with a 3.06 hyper-thread with 512RAM and I cannot play Splinter Cell – Pandora’s Box at max settings. There is just too much going on. I have my settings set to AA 2x and my Aniso turned to 4x at 1024x768. I like to see the texture with detail (Aniso controls the texture level) and it runs beautifully.

The best recommendation I can offer is to set the game to max resolution 1280x960 or better. Then turn off AA and Aniso. Then run the game. Hopefully that will get the graphics you want. If you want more then start to increase AA until it starts to jump. That will be your limits.

In simple terms, you don’t have the right computer and/or graphic card to run Hitman at optimum settings.

If you want to see the difference in graphic cards, install futuremark and test your system with each graphic card and see the difference. Then leave in your new one and crank up the AA and Aniso settings and watch your performance go down the drain.
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