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Default Re: I'M AN IDIOT, and NEED HELP

Originally Posted by Crets0n
I started my computer up the other day, and the screen was magnified and my colors were all messed up. I checked display and set my color from 16 to 16bit (or 256) and my screen back to normal but everytime I have it set, it says that none of the new settings will be set unless I reset. I reset the computer and NOTHING happens !!!!!!!

Please someone, HELP ME

What does magnified mean ? Your desktop is out of wack,right,don't worry it will be ok if you do this.
If you booted up at 16 color than just do an overwrite of your Accelerated graphic drivers with your Video card cd. I've had to do this.
I'm surprised you had a 16 bit 65000 color option,did you really ?
Please Reply HELP ME.
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