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Default Re: A proper introduction....

Originally Posted by Lord Kalthorn
A Redneck Geek!?
NOTE: I am of Legal Adult Age, read at your own risk

Redneck = One who; speaks the English language with a definitive slur aka Southern Drawl; is obsessed with outdoor activities; including, but not limited to:
* Excessive amounts of alcohol consumption in the form of beer, namely; Miller Lite, Busch Light, or, Bud Light.

* All terrain vehichle travels within/through; mud, water, rocks, hills, valleys, etc...

* Four-Wheel drive trucking; in areas listed above.

* Rifle/Pistol....shooting/hunting; White Tailed Buck Deer, Squirrel, Quail, Rabbit...etc

* Fishing; Largemouth Bass (still waitin' on the big one)

And So On....

Geek = One who has an IQ of 125 and/or higher and gets *the look* from aquaintences when discussing any form of topic. (I'm sure you knew this one, but anyways....)
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